How to transfer Family Tree Maker From an old Computer to a new computer?

Family Tree Maker 2019 is an overall genealogy system. If you have been using this software for some time, you may have encountered a situation where you have to transfer Family Tree Maker files to a new computer. Using a Windows operating system, you could use the following steps to move the Family Tree Maker files to a new computer.

The first requirement for using a family tree maker on multiple computers is a USB drive. If you do not have one, buy one before starting the process. family tree maker 2021

Steps to follow on the first computer to transfer ftm:

Step 1: Open Family Tree Maker 2019 on your system, using the current Family Tree Maker 2019 source.

Step 2: To keep your data safe, create a backup copy of the Family Tree Maker tree archive.

Step 3: Navigate to the backup file area and copy it to your USB drive. 

Step 4: After copying the backup file, remove the USB drive.

Steps to follow on a second computer to transfer ftm:

Step 5: Connect the flash drive to the USB port.

Step 6: Copy the backup file to the hard disk.

Step 7: From the file menu, select the restore option.

Step 8: Navigate to the folder where you saved the backup file and select the file and click open.

Step 9: Save dialog box will appear on the screen. Select the location where you want the tree to be stored on your hard drive and click the Save button.

Problems, such as installing a family tree maker on a new computer, transferring a family tree maker to a new computer, and installing a family tree maker 2019 on a new computer, can be resolved after following these steps. If not, you can also seek the help of technical experts to solve problems. They are capable of handling matters in an instant. You can solve problems quickly by using the best technology professionals working on the software. You can call and seek professional help.

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Family tree software is a blessing for those who like to keep their family history records. It helps them to follow their ancestors and to feel like friends. Keeping such records is essential as it helps us make plans for our future and helps us make decisions.

Transferring Family Tree Maker 2019 From Old Computer to New Computer

Gaining the knowledge of your ancestors can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is genetic software like Family Tree Maker that can help you gain access to the inside of your ancestors. You may never have heard of the Family Tree Maker, but this genealogy software is just suitable for your pedigree needs.

Online genealogy software allows you to view, print quickly, and split your family tree. It is great to organize all the information you have on your family tree to share it with friends and family members. It is also good to edit other genetic information such as photos, stories, and family history videos.

Family Tree Maker 2019 is one of the best parenting software that makes it easy to record, edit, store and share your family history. It helps you create a tree for your family quickly. The software is loaded with features intended to help you with all the process steps. It has over 10 million users who use it to track their family history. You can also use it to track your family history by creating a family tree, searching history records, sharing family trees online, printing your family tree, creating reports, etc.


People have had access to the well-known genealogy programme, Family Tree Maker, which is available for Windows and Mac and allows them to keep track of the facts about their family that they come across when performing research. They can systematically stack information in the form of reports, charts, and books with this software.

In running for thirty years, it has become one of the best and most people’s favourite genealogy software which lets people discover the history and legacy of their families and keep it digitally preserved in a safe place. This intuitive software helps the user in accessing simple navigation, tools built for family tree making, and conducting web searching integrated. There are many advanced features that one can explore on Family Tree Maker 2019 – the latest FTM Version at present. In this you can look for advancing data management features, arranging the information in the form of charts and reports.

Download Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree Maker Software has been designed in a manner that you can quickly make and create Family Tree with editing it in any real time. The timeline of your family history is presented in photographs, small video clips and interactive maps.

Latest Version of FTM

The Latest Version and the most updated one is Family Tree Maker 2019, available for download. It’s been speculated that FTM will soon be launching its Family Tree maker 2021 variant.

Download Family Tree Maker 2019 Free

It’s been thirty years since the first release of Family Tree Maker, so it’s only fitting that they’ve released a new edition that takes this great old brand to places its creators could only have imagined. Every modification you make to your tree on your Mac or PC is automatically and instantaneously visible on any smartphone or tablet. Where you can go back in time and undo mistakes from a thousand changes ago. To ensure that your legacy lives on, you can arrange for your tree to be passed on to a family of your choice, along with your Family Tree Maker licence. That’s just a small section of Family Tree Maker’s new planet.

What are the system requirements?

The minimum system requirements you need to have is Windows 7 atleast or OS X10.10 if you have a Macintosh System. Your Hard Disk should be of at least 900 MB or above is preferred with minimum 2 GB RAM. As far as Screen Resolution is concerned, 1280 X 800 for Mac Users and 1024 X 768 for Windows Operating System Users.

Why Download Family Tree Maker 2019?

Newly introduced features of Family Tree Maker 2019 has let FTM become top preference. These features are:

  • Hints in the Index: It lets users have over six billion hints links online as FamilySearch historical records.
  • Profile Picture Perfection: The Smart Technology through face detection nas automatic zoom in feature help in cropping and adding the perfectly squared shape picture to your leaf of the tree.
  • Turn Back Time: You can make comprehensive changes in the Log, no matter when the data was saved, even to the data recorded thousand years ago.
  • TreeVault Cloud Services: By using this feature you can save the data on cloud. It makes users stop worrying about any data lost mishap.
  • AlbumWalk Media Player: Save the memories that have authenticity and an old vibe of the times. You can add interactive photos as well.

Other than these, Family Tree Maker 2019 Download is available with its top feature which made it a popular choice. This includes Rich Colour Coding, Photo Darkroom, Charts & Reports, Media Organisation, Ancestor History Mapping and many more.


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